The scents of a perfume aficionado …


I can’t help falling in love with scents …

First off all it’s part of my job and secondly from when I was a little girl I mixed up my mum’s perfumes into something I thought smelled exclusive 😉
From scented candles to incense, I’m still a perfume aficionado! perfume can instantly zap you back to memory lane, give you that extra zazaaaa and make you feel beautiful …

We all adore our favourite perfumeries, where we can hop in and get our favourite scent. But have you ever experienced a small personal one?
One that only sells exclusive perfumes, a bit like you would visit a tailor …
From when you get into the store the staff grabs your attention and they take you on a perfume journey.
You learn about brands you never heard off before, Italian, French, British, and scents from seductive to tender.

Some are made exclusively for the Middle East and if you are really lucky, the store has a few of the little gems in stock

These perfumes are more expensive than the ones you buy at your regular perfumery, because they exist of pure essence and without synthetic ingredients.
The pureness of the ingredients make the scents exquisite and more heavy, use them sparingly, one or two drops will get you through the day
So if you adore special scents! Then I will take you on a little shopping tour in posh perfumery land. With a list of stores and information on ones I visited and that I know are amazing and you shouldn’t miss out on!



One of my favourites in Antwerp … A family business for about 40 years, moved four years ago from its little shop in the Schuttshofstraat to a larger location. Necessities sells,  Annick Goutal, Diptique, l’artisan Parfumeur, Esteban, Floris Penhaligons, Creed and my favourite Miller Harris.

The owner Cathy, a highly experienced parfumeur will guide you through all the scents and help you make your choice.

Steenhouwersvest 28
2000 Antwerp


La Maison du Parfum

Located in the heart of Antwerp, near central Station and the diamond area … Also a little gem on haute Perfumery! They Sell Parks London, Montale, St Barth, the amazing scents of Nobile 1942, Illuminum, to name a few …

Appelmanstraat 25
2018 Antwerp


Verso Profumo

With nearly two decades of experience in luxury fashion. What started out as a men’s boutique a couple of streets away, has culminated into a truly one-of-a-kind concept store in a beautifully restored 16th Century mansion. The building once housed distinguished families and notable banks, but is now widely considered a fashion heaven in Belgium and beyond. They now also have a beautiful perfumery with exquisite scents.
Go to Antwerp, relax visit Verso, enjoy and be sure to stop at the Verso Café to have a delightful lunch! Verso sells; Odin, Bond Nr 9, Montale, Costume National, Odin

Lange Gasthuisstraat 11
2000 Antwerp


Senteurs d’ailleurs

Whenever in Brussels be sure to visit them, a beautiful store filled with ‘Haute perfumery, Haute Cosmétique’ and an amazing beauty institute. Senteur d’ailleurs sells; Aqua di Parma, Jean Patou, Frederic Malle and many more ….

Place Stéphanie 1A/ 3
1000 Brussels



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