Fratelli Rossetti Aloha collection

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Aloha Fratelli Rossetti

Fratelli Rossetti the famous Italian shoe brand founded in 1953 by Renzo Rossetti embarked on an adventure working day and night in his workshop. Renzo passionate and skilled, together with talented craftsmen helped make the company outstanding. Known for their high quality shoes. Renzo’s three children grew up playing and chasing each other up and down the warehouse.

Unintentionally the three boys later started to work with the company and so Fratelli Rossetti became a family business. Until now the 3 sons still work together, looking after the craftsmanship heritage of their father.

For spring/summer 2016

Fratelli Rossetti came out with a beautiful woman collection, one you simply can’t miss and surely will love too.

Aloha collection inspired by traditional Hawaiian tattoos, featuring colourful flowers and burgeoning vegetation.


There are five iconic models in the collection

Pastels, from yellow to pink, white and aquamarine the loafers come in the following models Brera, Oxfords, Dandies, Laceless, Hobos and the oversize Napa leather Hobos. The exotic and unique tattoo art are created using artisan techniques and drawn by the expert hands of highly mastered Craftsman.

All The Fratelli Rossetti shoes are pure gems, but I fell in love with the soft colours and the beautiful Hawaiian tattoo art. Take a look at their website to see the entire shoe range from classical to fresh newcomers


Hugs Tamar x!

Urban Decay goes Belgium!

Urban Cosmetics

Finally, after ‘Loreal Group’ aquired the amazing and trendy make up brand ‘Urban Decay’ in 2013.
We Belgian’s can get our hands on their quality products online, from the start of May 2015 thanks to Ici Paris Xl.

From now on we don’t have to travel different country’s to get our favourite stash of make up palettes and dashing it items!

Urban Decay founded by Sandy Lerner, Pat Holmes, Wende Zomnir and David Soward in 1999

Totally conquered the Make up Artist world with their line of 10 lipsticks and 12 nail polishes. Urban Decay inspired the color palette on the urban landscape and so they came up with the Company’s name.


Not only are they always spot on the latest trends, they don’t do animal testing in the creation of its products, the products are guaranteed 100% vegetarian, and every box includes its cruelty free philosophy!
All the brushes are made from synthetic hairs, and they are certified ‘cruelty free by Peta and CCIC ‘Leaping bunny program’, hence the name ‘Karma Brushes’ :)

From end of may 2015 Ici Paris Xl store on the avenue Louise in Brussels will sell it in store.
There is whispered and hopefully this is true! ☺ Soon other Ici Paris XL stores will follow in the footstep of their Brussels sister.

So fire your ‘Urban Decay’ order online or get your best friend on a city trip to Brussels and update your make up necessities from a top brand!


Be set for a dazzling summer!


The wonders of a Make-up Artist ….


The wonders of a great make-up artist are like winning the lottery!

And that said! I am lucky again to know one …

Jelena Verheyen passionate with beauty and make-up! knows the tips and tricks the in’s and out’s of glamour! And the accuracy of her brushes and pencils are immaculate …

After years of good education and experience. She’s now paving a solid road in make-up artistry land.
Two times nominated in the ‘Dior’ make-up competition and numerous high positioned fashion clients.
This girl is making her mark in the make-up world!


The right artist works on your face like you are a blanc canvas, highlights your best features and lowlights your beauty flaws.

They work magic with eyeshadow, eyeliner and foundations. They morphologies your face like ‘beam me up scotty’ and make you land earth like Charlize Theron! able to perform tricks with false eyelashes, making you meaouwwwww like catwoman :)

So whenever you want to look you’re very best, and be the Belle of the ball.

Jelena Verheyen is the one you are looking for!

For contact and booking:
Jelena Verheyen
Mobile +32 479 353 593
Or visit her facebook page to look at a part of her portfolio ‘Jelena Verheyen Make-up Artist’


On october 12th 2014 you can meet Jelena, get information and details at the wedding fair at het kasteel van Brasschaat



Have a gorgeous day!

Where Couture meets Perfume …


Lucky woman I am!

Being able to do what I passionately love … work in the beauty industry and feeling blessed by the Gods for granting me this Luxury!

My life is filled with cosmetics, perfumes, nail polishes, make up and making others feel and look beautiful.
Having the privilege to smell, feel and work with products that the rest of the world hasn’t discovered yet …

And tadaaaaa!!!

Today I fell in love, deeply in love ….

No, no, no! Wait …
Not with Hot Mr. Beardy 😉 but with a scent ….
Yep a scent, a seductive, classy and heavenly perfume that made me go to cloud nine!

‘Dahlia Divin’from couture house ‘Givenchy’

Topnotes of mirabel and a heart of jasmine and white flowers.
With a warm base of sandalwood and patchouli.

Count Hubert James Marcel Taffin de Givenchy French aristocrat and fashiondesigner Founded the house ‘Givenchy’ in 1952.
Famous for designing personal and professional couture clothing for Audrey Hepburn and Jacqueline Kennedy.

Today ‘Givenchy’ wanted to create a new perfume like a couture dress. And so ‘Dahlia Divin’came to life …

Already an upcoming star even before she showed her exquisite smell and bottle to the world.

Similar to Audrey Hepburn and Jacqueline Kennedy who represent class and sophistication

Givenchy looked for the right woman to be the face for ‘Dahlia Divin’

And they did, with her love for Beethoven, Mozart and Chopin …
Singer, componist, pianist producer and actrice Alicia Keys is the woman to introduce ‘Dahlia Divin’ to the world!
Mrs. Alicia Keys able to carry this perfume with elegance and style …


As the house Givenchy’ wanted to give a couture feel to the bottle

they surely did an amazing job …
Beautiful white and gold like golden threads from a ‘Givenchy’ dress the bottle is pure luxury.
For Belgium ‘Dahlia Divin’ will be available from mid August.

But if you can’t wait!
Ici Paris Xl will already sell this sophisticated scent exclusively from the 4th of August!
Be sure to go, smell, and love it like I do!

This girl is on fire!

Love and a warm hug