7even tips for Luscious Lips


How do I get those ‘sultry luscious’ lips? The question is on every girl’s mind…

We care about our faces, skin, bodies, but often forget our lips. Even though with a few tricks and just a few minutes every day you can have ‘sultry luscious lips’ and be the envy of your friends.

These are my 7 tips for luscious lips!

1. After brushing your teeth, use your toothbrush to quickly buff your lips.
They will look more naturally colored because because of increased blood circulation and secondly, it will remove dryness.

2. Stop licking your lips.
This will damage their protective barrier.

3. Drink loads of water.
Good for your entire body and your lips.

4. Buy a good nurturing lip-balm.
Similar to your skin and eyes you need a product that protects, hydrates and nurtures.

I can recommend two excellent products:

– ‘Clarins’ lip and contour – extra firming balm
– ‘Clarins’ instant light and ‘Dermalogica’ lip renewal

5. Protect, protect, protect!
Your lips are very delicate. In summer always use a sun protective lip moisturizer SPF. These days you can find them in glosses, balms and lipsticks. So no excuses! In winter you can use a medicated lip balm with ‘camphor and menthol’

6. Vitamin B deficiency can lead to cracked lips.
Drink and eat lots of milk, eggs, cheese, nuts, fish and whole grains to boost your vitamine B level.

7. Go slow on the ‘matte’ lipsticks
They tend to dehydrate your lips. So don’t wear them all the time!

So now go enjoy your sultry luscious lips and go happy kissing! 😉

Me …

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