The wonders of a Make-up Artist ….


The wonders of a great make-up artist are like winning the lottery!

And that said! I am lucky again to know one …

Jelena Verheyen passionate with beauty and make-up! knows the tips and tricks the in’s and out’s of glamour! And the accuracy of her brushes and pencils are immaculate …

After years of good education and experience. She’s now paving a solid road in make-up artistry land.
Two times nominated in the ‘Dior’ make-up competition and numerous high positioned fashion clients.
This girl is making her mark in the make-up world!


The right artist works on your face like you are a blanc canvas, highlights your best features and lowlights your beauty flaws.

They work magic with eyeshadow, eyeliner and foundations. They morphologies your face like ‘beam me up scotty’ and make you land earth like Charlize Theron! able to perform tricks with false eyelashes, making you meaouwwwww like catwoman :)

So whenever you want to look you’re very best, and be the Belle of the ball.

Jelena Verheyen is the one you are looking for!

For contact and booking:
Jelena Verheyen
Mobile +32 479 353 593
Or visit her facebook page to look at a part of her portfolio ‘Jelena Verheyen Make-up Artist’


On october 12th 2014 you can meet Jelena, get information and details at the wedding fair at het kasteel van Brasschaat



Have a gorgeous day!