My magic jeans …


Do you still remember ‘Levi’s Strauss’ the jeans brand, that made the ‘501’ notorious with the ’Nick Kamen’ commercial many years ago?

Now with the jeans being the hottest fashion item again! Levi’s and especially ‘Bart Sight’. didn’t stand still.
With their San Francisco based lab ’Eureka’, doing research for about thirty new products.
One of their latest revolutionary jeans is ’the Revel’

A jeans designed to lift your bottom and give you long lean legs like ’Elle Macpherson’

Can you imagine how happily I ordered my jeans online, feeling like a kid in a candy store ! 😉

The ‘Revel’ uses four-way-stretch fabric, designed as shapeware! It flattens your tummy, slim your hips and tights!
It really defines a woman’s body, with elongating seams to create a beautiful silhouette.
’Eureka’ laboratory travelled around the globe to fit the Revel jeans on as many woman as possible.

This jeans only comes in skinny, it sucks you in and lifts you up wherever you need it, without feeling squeezed!
It’s comfortable and appropriate to wear on all casual occasions.
Curvier woman will adore the fabulous waistband, as will all the other girls do!

I am so happy with my vintage shade coloured Revel jeans, combined with my killer stiletto’s I finally have never ending legs 😉

No other trouser can give you this amazing result, I really think ’Revel’ by Levi’s Strauss will top records in no time…

For once I trade my dress for magic jeans! :)


Blissfully happy


Golden potion …


With summer just around the corner

we all want to have that healthy sexy golden glow. But as we all know, your skins number one enemy is the sun. Without protection, just a few minutes of sun exposure every day over the years can cause freckles, age spots, spiderveins, aging and not to forget skin cancer.

So how to look tanned without the hazards?

Self tanners, but then again we want to go for the sexy golden summer glow instead of the famous self tanner ‘carrot’ look and not to mention the typical irritating smell.

But tataaaaa!

Clarins came with a solution that is going to make you happy :)

Tried and tested! Radiance-plus Golden Glow Booster!

A little bottle of magic potion, something innovating, something to fake your tan to perfection. Looking like you went on an extended holiday to the Bahama’s.
Radiance-plus is a skin booster to be mixed with your day or night cream. Only three drops for a sun-kissed skin and two drops to keep your healthy complexion. Never use it straight out of the bottle but, always mix it with a moisturizer. It really works like magic, so from now on you can have that sexy golden glow all year round without damaging effects caused by the sun.

So my Golden Goddesses and Gods,

get this lovely potion and fake your way into the glowing summer crowd! I am sure you are going to love this product as much as I do.



Available@ Ici Paris Xl