Food for foodies!



In the beginning of May, we went to ‘Food for Foodies’ situated in the heart and multicultural part of Antwerp (de Coninckplein)

You can’t miss the house, even blind folded you know where you have to go … Follow the screaming ‘here it is! Very pink house!…

Food for foodies organizes cooking workshops, not just ‘a how to cook?’ But a hands on, multicultural culinary experience … Together with the hostess you explore the neighbourhood, the locals and their localities.
Groceries you didn’t even know existed , heritage, culture and friendliness of the top line!

From the moment you walk into ‘food for foodies’ as a cooking addict like me, you’re hooked …

Ceiling high walls filled with cooking bibles, a dream of a cooking island, sort alike people, vibrancy and a long guest table … Happiness coming together and in this case, cooking together.

We went for the ‘Persian workshop’ similar to the Turkish cuisine … Or like most of us know as mezze … Tiny little dishes made with friendship and teamwork.

Food for foodies has a programme from Chinese, to summery Japanese, to modern jewish and streetstyle Vietnamese food.

You can also come with your own group and customize your cooking desires, as long you are willing to leave your comfort zone.
Food for foodies will lead you to a new cooking experience.

As I only write about things I like, love or things that captured my heart….

The dashing pink building just captured mine…

Me x!
Here’s the Food for foodies website to find out more details

Where’s the party at?


Almost everybody in the North of Antwerp knows ‘Belami’ in Schoten as ‘The best bar in town’

It’s the place where we have our after work, private parties or just parties 😉

We like this bar because as locals it’s nearby, no need to drive to the city to have a great night.

Belami is light and airy
It doesn’t have the typical nightlife feel to it. The interior is light colored, wooden floors and tables, wicker chairs and beautiful plush cushions.
Whenever I walk into ‘Belami’ alone, I surely bump into someone I know! and that gives me a pleasant feeling. And during daytime you can enjoy the lovely terrace and a cocktail …

And new, new, new!

From now on ‘Belami’ serves lunches and on Thursday and Friday dinner!
So you can have dinner and stay in one place to enjoy one of the five resident DJ’s and dance the light away …

And what’s on the menu? steak, tuna, salads and lots of other tasty foods.
The food is delicious, the atmosphere good, for sure the best bar in town!

Go, go and reserve your table, enjoy, eat, dance, laugh and have a great time!

And, by the way!

on june 14th Belami starts with the first of probably many ‘Saturday night fever’ Theme nights! So dress to impress, they go back to the ’70s. Disco dancing, glittering disco balls, big afro hair and funky embarrassing clothes ;). The disco era was fun! And we are going back in time, and have a funky, hilarious night!

See ya there! And dont forget to dress to impress!
Hoppaaaa …


Love and a hug!


(Pictures credit to Belami)

Bredabaan 1026
2900 Schoten
03 658 77 41

Explore your dreams!


After years of traveling to the most beautiful resorts of the world, I discovered my own traveling style.

So in April 2011, I decided it was time to leave Belgium and experience Thailand and its natives.

The idea was to get out of my comfort zone and go on a journey to discover myself, a journey to me!

I was fed up with my regular life here, the day’s in’s and out’s. I wanted to explore, to confront myself with new things.

And until today, this was my best ‘audacious’ decision I’ve ever made! The experience changed my life …

The people I met over there, Dimka, Oumar, Pauline, Graeme, Sarah, Amandine, Gianpaulo, Eric and Duan, they made me grow bigger than I ever imagined I could be! They became lifetime friends.

It all felt a bit like the book ’eat, pray love’ by Elizabeth Gilbert. I learned to engage with people, appreciate other cultures and enjoy the simplicity of life.

I ate the best Thai food right from the street, I learned Sanskrit prayers and I actually enjoy chanting them. I’ve learned to be humble and grateful!

for all the beautiful things life gives you.

But most of all, I learned to let go!

Let go of how other people judge me, but most of all, I learned to let go of judging myself!

The experience totally changed my vision of traveling. I discovered the true richness of life! And better still, I discovered what it means to me!

When I close my eyes, I envision ‘Kashmir’ in India with the palace of a ‘thousand winds’ and the beautiful colors and scents the land has to offer. I see myself driving from the North to the South island in New zealand, counting sheep and visiting the Maori. Walking on a beach in Polynesia or having a pint of Guinness in Dublin while listening to street musicians play. Skiing in Schotland, I know, it’s rare but it’s something I really want to do! :) Bathing in the ‘ blue lagoon’ in Iceland, to name a few …

If you’ve read my previous posts, you’ll know that I like to make vision boards, and of course, I also do this for my travels!

And so can you! It’s weekend, relax, be bold and let your dreams carry you to wherever you want to go!

Explore your dreams!

Love 😉

Me :) XXX