Mexican soul food



If you want to eat Mexican soul food

I know a great place to go to!

Last weekend we went city tripping’ in Haarlem Holland. A weekend to remember. ☺
First of all, we love the city! situated nearby Amsterdam and Bloemendaal.
Haarlem speaks Magic! It’s such a vibrant place to be, with cozy restaurants, cafes, great shopping streets and lovely hotels.

After strolling the streets we decide to get a bite to eat in one of the many restaurants. Meanwhile passing a place called “Popocatepetl” a Mexican Cafe /restaurant offering a list of great cocktails.
We both agreed that we would get us cocktails later on… ☺

And so we did!

Popocatepetl named after the famous Vulcan in Mexico was fully packed and has a vibrant and friendly vibe to it. We were welcomed by Gerd the owner of the restaurant smiling and having a good time himself.
After a while, he served us tequila shots on the house…. We knew by then it would be an amazing night filled with laughter and drinks.
The evening carried us into fun, good-times, and many drinks, with the friendly staff en guests of Popocatepetl. But in a loving, funny haze we made sure we had a dinner table booked for the next evening.
Wondering if the Mexican dishes would be as great as their cocktails?

And Carambaaa!

The food was so good, tasty and real Mexican. Chicken so well cooked and fresh, it almost fell off the bones…. A tasty Mexican veal burger to dream off.
They serve different great dishes from empanadas, guacamole, and nachos to Pez Espada Veracruz, to name just a few.
The restaurant, its cocktails, great food, and cozy cantina interior happily surprised us.
But most of all their hospitality and vibrancy, It’s been a while that I felt so home in a city and a place

So whenever you are near Haarlem, make sure to go and visit them. I am sure you are going to have a great night, with or without a sombrero 😉



Hugs Tamar


Food for foodies!



In the beginning of May, we went to ‘Food for Foodies’ situated in the heart and multicultural part of Antwerp (de Coninckplein)

You can’t miss the house, even blind folded you know where you have to go … Follow the screaming ‘here it is! Very pink house!…

Food for foodies organizes cooking workshops, not just ‘a how to cook?’ But a hands on, multicultural culinary experience … Together with the hostess you explore the neighbourhood, the locals and their localities.
Groceries you didn’t even know existed , heritage, culture and friendliness of the top line!

From the moment you walk into ‘food for foodies’ as a cooking addict like me, you’re hooked …

Ceiling high walls filled with cooking bibles, a dream of a cooking island, sort alike people, vibrancy and a long guest table … Happiness coming together and in this case, cooking together.

We went for the ‘Persian workshop’ similar to the Turkish cuisine … Or like most of us know as mezze … Tiny little dishes made with friendship and teamwork.

Food for foodies has a programme from Chinese, to summery Japanese, to modern jewish and streetstyle Vietnamese food.

You can also come with your own group and customize your cooking desires, as long you are willing to leave your comfort zone.
Food for foodies will lead you to a new cooking experience.

As I only write about things I like, love or things that captured my heart….

The dashing pink building just captured mine…

Me x!
Here’s the Food for foodies website to find out more details