Limonsoda and the sound of shoes ….


Kloosterstraat in Antwerp!

For me, one of the most pleasurable streets in Antwerp …

Most famous for the vintage furniture stores, lovely restaurants and trendy boutiques …

Ten years ago, owner Mirja Mariën opened a beautiful children shoe store named ‘LimonSoda’

In this amazing store you can find the most adorable shoes for your kiddies. From sweet, with bow ties for cute girls, to funky and cool, for real boys.
Mirja has an immaculate taste, so you can be sure that ‘LimonSoda’ has a beautiful selection of high quality shoes.

And, at times we ‘supposed to be grown-ups’ are lucky too …


Hey, hey, hey!!! Some of ‘Mirja’s’ collections, go up to european size 40.
Nice to have a mother/daughter moment! little girls just love to dress up like mama.
Or just because you want to have that fabulous pair of shoes hopppaaaa!!!

LimonSoda sells different brands like Nathalie Verlinden – Pépé – Galluci – Eli – Eureka – Zecchino D’Oro – M.D.J – Bumper – Rondinella (Fashion collection) – Ocra – Momino – Finger In The Nose – Golden Goose Deluxe Brand – Feiyue – Rivieras – Clic – Spring Court – New Balance – Blund Stone – Aigle – Birkenstock (Fashion Collectie)

If you don’t know this cute shoe store already?

Take your kids, jump in your car and visit ‘LImonSoda’
The only difficult moment will be on making a choice between all the trendy and adorable shoes!
But then again as a good mum’ you should give the little princesses and princes the good shoe buying example. 😉

Mama’s let your freak flag fly!! :)





Kloosterstraat 160
2000 Antwerp

Tuesday to Friday: 10u-13u and 14u-18u
Saturday: 10u-18u
Sunday and Monday: Closed

Now you can spice up your phone and tablet!

As I am passionate about fashion and beautiful things

I love to match my handbag with my shoes, my lipstick with my eye shadow.
And, my iPhone and tablet suiting my mood :)

Thanks to ‘Fabricovers’ I’ve got my own iPhone and iPad skin, branded with my ‘paisley please’ logo, and deadly sexy …

It’s not just a skin!

Because this one is removeable and can be reused many times. It doesn’t leave any residue on your device. The company uses a special kind of glue based on nano technology, so it works like a post it ‘stick it, change it’ without damaging!

Fabricovers has a beautiful collection of skins, in coated fabric, real wood and velbond (leather look) Stripes, flowers, crocodile, elephant, lizard and more … All the animal designs are velbond imprinted. So no worries …

The great thing about this company

They create your own personal covers. With minimal cost, just send them your logo or whatever and they make your iPhone as sexy as mine 😉 A great idea for a company as ‘give away’ for branding. But also as a gift for your friends and family for a special occasion? Bachelorette, wedding, birthday …

Be creative! Design something beautiful and change your phone/tablet into something original and stylish!

Since Friday I’ve got my ‘Paisley Please’ covers …

And I’m totally in love with it. The details are imprinted to perfection, it really looks amazing. So if you want to pimp up your phone too? Contact ‘Gregory Lens’ from fabricovers. He will help you with all the exact details.

Fabricovers is available for:
iPhone 4-4s-5-5s-5c
iPad mini-Ipad Air
Samsung s3-s4/s4 mini/S5

Stand out and be unique! :)

Love …

Me x
My logo design done by




Ten colors for Autumn/Winter 2014-15

Even though we just started spring, in ‘Fashion land’ the runway showed his new trends and colors for Autumn/Winter already.

These are the 10 colors you should definetely invest in this Autumn/Winter 2014-15.


Top 10 colors

Crimson Red

A very deep and luxurious red and a color to look out for this winter.



A darker more softer red, exuding such an elegant richness.
But of course it is a color that can get ’heavy’ quick.
So when it comes to styling, be sure to incorporate some lighter hues like a delicate pink or a soft ivory for balance.


In between blue and green ‘teal’ gives a healthy flush to the skin.
You can wear it well into the fall with black, brown…



A beautiful intense color in between purple and blue.
Orchid blooms with confidence and magical warmth it is an expressive,
creative and embracing purple—one that draws you in with its beguiling charm.

Honey mustard

A softer and warmer version of yellow, a beautiful color to combine with black and greens’


Blood orange

In between orange and red this warm color works beautiful on accessories.

Cobalt Blue

A dazzling color and a seasonal must have … Suits blondes very well.


In ranges from camel to brown undertones.

Dusty Rose

Think vintage pink. A beautiful color to stand out in winter.


Peachy nudes

Soft nude tones to balance yourself in cold winter …


With high octane glamour like bronze to hints of silver.


So if you like to be a ‘trendsetter’ be on the look-out for these colors.