Sporty chic and perfection …

The hottest trend right now is ‘sporty chic’!

I so love this look because it’s so easy to pull together! However, don’t go for workout wear to your company, but smartly create a sporty chic style. Go for baseball cap designs in leather or another rich fabric, and combine it with an awesome item of clothing.
Wear your maxi skirt with beautiful sneakers, a t-shirt and a vest.

You can look sophisticated, uber-stylish and yet sporty.

Please forget the gym look, go classy not trashy :) because that’s not what this fabulous trend is about!

Combine, combine, combine …

It’s so easy to follow, because you probably already own a good number of items to create this look! Go for tomboy with elegance, bring together the perfect balance between masculine and feminine, comfort with style.
I recommend 60% chic and 40 % sporty, this way you will have the perfect mixture…
The sporty chic look! famously seen on stars and models like Rihanna, Beyoncé and Chloe Delevigne.
Also, leading fashion designers go for this trend,

Stella McCartney, Chanel, Alexander McQueen

to name a few all created this look on the runway. Be on the look out for ‘sporty-Chic’ trend must haves!

Baseball caps, bomber jackets, sweaters, numbered tees, pencil skirts, white shirts, blazers and not to forget crop tops. Go and indulge in this ab fab look,

sporty chic and perfection

without the gym :)


Me …

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