Food for foodies!



In the beginning of May, we went to ‘Food for Foodies’ situated in the heart and multicultural part of Antwerp (de Coninckplein)

You can’t miss the house, even blind folded you know where you have to go … Follow the screaming ‘here it is! Very pink house!…

Food for foodies organizes cooking workshops, not just ‘a how to cook?’ But a hands on, multicultural culinary experience … Together with the hostess you explore the neighbourhood, the locals and their localities.
Groceries you didn’t even know existed , heritage, culture and friendliness of the top line!

From the moment you walk into ‘food for foodies’ as a cooking addict like me, you’re hooked …

Ceiling high walls filled with cooking bibles, a dream of a cooking island, sort alike people, vibrancy and a long guest table … Happiness coming together and in this case, cooking together.

We went for the ‘Persian workshop’ similar to the Turkish cuisine … Or like most of us know as mezze … Tiny little dishes made with friendship and teamwork.

Food for foodies has a programme from Chinese, to summery Japanese, to modern jewish and streetstyle Vietnamese food.

You can also come with your own group and customize your cooking desires, as long you are willing to leave your comfort zone.
Food for foodies will lead you to a new cooking experience.

As I only write about things I like, love or things that captured my heart….

The dashing pink building just captured mine…

Me x!
Here’s the Food for foodies website to find out more details

Limonsoda and the sound of shoes ….


Kloosterstraat in Antwerp!

For me, one of the most pleasurable streets in Antwerp …

Most famous for the vintage furniture stores, lovely restaurants and trendy boutiques …

Ten years ago, owner Mirja Mariën opened a beautiful children shoe store named ‘LimonSoda’

In this amazing store you can find the most adorable shoes for your kiddies. From sweet, with bow ties for cute girls, to funky and cool, for real boys.
Mirja has an immaculate taste, so you can be sure that ‘LimonSoda’ has a beautiful selection of high quality shoes.

And, at times we ‘supposed to be grown-ups’ are lucky too …


Hey, hey, hey!!! Some of ‘Mirja’s’ collections, go up to european size 40.
Nice to have a mother/daughter moment! little girls just love to dress up like mama.
Or just because you want to have that fabulous pair of shoes hopppaaaa!!!

LimonSoda sells different brands like Nathalie Verlinden – Pépé – Galluci – Eli – Eureka – Zecchino D’Oro – M.D.J – Bumper – Rondinella (Fashion collection) – Ocra – Momino – Finger In The Nose – Golden Goose Deluxe Brand – Feiyue – Rivieras – Clic – Spring Court – New Balance – Blund Stone – Aigle – Birkenstock (Fashion Collectie)

If you don’t know this cute shoe store already?

Take your kids, jump in your car and visit ‘LImonSoda’
The only difficult moment will be on making a choice between all the trendy and adorable shoes!
But then again as a good mum’ you should give the little princesses and princes the good shoe buying example. 😉

Mama’s let your freak flag fly!! :)





Kloosterstraat 160
2000 Antwerp

Tuesday to Friday: 10u-13u and 14u-18u
Saturday: 10u-18u
Sunday and Monday: Closed

Sexiness for your face

Tried and tested!

GlamGlow mask, the product that promises ‘sexiness out of a jar’?

 So I’m in!

… Tuesday night ‘dead tired’! I definitely need some Glow And sexiness …  If the promise they make is true? I’m the happiest person alive.

 Let me tell you something about the product, the makers and the benefits …

Glam-Glow known and designed in the ‘Hollywood hills’ for both men and woman. Award winning, hydrating, anti – aging and exfoliant treatment.

Actually designed for exclusive back stage professional use! But now we can have our hands on it!! Currently, one of the ‘It’ products and hottest brand. It’s fast acting, innovating and ‘darlings’ It works!!
A mud … Yep it’s mud! Mixed with green tea leaves and volcanic rock. The formula gives you high end technology. It’s not ‘Play doh’ not a ordinary clay! This jar gives your face a noticeable three day glow, your skin is smooth and soft like a feather. It tightens your skin, minimizes pores and absorbs impurities like sponge Bob :)

Do I scream as a fan? Ooooooh bloody hell YESS, YESS!!

As a beautician I know my way around Skincare and great products.  This one for sure is a ‘run baby run’ to your nearest perfumery and try it out for yourself! Super-mud! No parabenes, no sulfates only pure sexiness from a jar!

How to use it;  Simple, simple, simple …

Use the mask on a clean face, and ooooh please use a mask brush (your fingers will contaminate the formulation = half the sexiness) 😉  Leave it on your face for about 10 minutes, it will dry out like clay. Afterwards, moist your fingers and with circular movements let the volcanic rock do the exfoliating work.  This amazing mask will give your face a tingling feeling for about 20 minutes and a healthy complexion for about three days.

It’s not sexiness from a jar, but magic!


Love  Me …

For locals; you Can buy this product @ ICI Paris Xl
50ml 49,95€

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