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In 2008 Italian company ‘Hairplane started a new hair concept and hair brand called ‘Mood’.

After sufficient research they became the “Color Revolution’! And that said this guys came up with the magic triangle!

The highest quality hair colors, with pigments coming from Italy, the best education and eco friendly!
Also budget friendly, for your hairstylist as for you. Mood is one of the only hair brands that gives you the possibility to buy refills for their shampoo and treatments.
That way the company supports Mother Earth and takes care of your budget without killing your wardrobe must haves 😉

Hairplane and mood aim high for quality by giving numerous educations for hairstylist, so you can be sure that whenever you get your hair done at a Mood hair salon, you have the highest skilled and up to date stylists performing magic hair tricks!

A big hail for the new brand! They stand for evolution in color and education.
I love how this company searched to stand out and get the most beautiful results!
According to research what customers look for the most, by visiting a hairdresser is grey hair covering! Because they use high-pigmented colors they don’t just get the exact covering but also luscious healthy hair.

I’m so happy, cause finally since a few months the brand is available in the Benelux!

Mostly I woke up looking like Tina Turner on a bad hair day 😉
But since I have my mood shampoo and treatments I feel blessed having no more bad hair days, but instead lovely healthy and shiny hair.

You can try ‘Mood color’ out at Hairdeco Salon In St-Niklaas, hairstylist for Miss Exclusive!

Pop your hair!


Tamar x

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