Chanel Hydra Micro Serum …



Mrs.’Gabrielle Chanel’ favorite flower  … Blooming at the dreariest time of the year.

Illuminating your garden when all the rest of the flowers are still a sleep ….

Whenever you take a look at Mrs. Chanel her life. No wonder she instantly fell in love with the gorgeous flower, after she received it from the love of her life Mr. Boy Capel’ at a polo game …

Since then she incorporated the flower into everything, pining silk brooches onto her lapels, even her home at rue Cambon in Paris has black and gold lacquered blooming Camellia screens.

House ‘Chanel’ stays true to her heritage and her love …

And created a micro-fluid serum containing micro-bells from the Camellia flower, that melt softly into your skin. Giving you constant hydration and a plumping effect, creating a smoothness and a beautiful sparkle!


The micro-bells have a perfect affinity with your skin, they melt together and give you their active and precious ingredients …

Because of the tiny particles they keep their pureness and go deep into your epidermis, with an immediate result! You experience the freshness of water and the comfort of an emulsion… Chanel beauty specialist advise you to combine ‘Hydra Beauty Micro Serum’ with ‘Le jour de Chanel’ And I do too.

As a skincare specialist the combination with the anti-oxidants will bring you blissdom and make you shine like a star …

Chanel has a winner again!

Together with Mrs.’Gabrielle Chanel’ we bring her love for

‘Boy Capel and Camellia’


all together to love our skins, and with valentine just around the corner!

Shouldn’t we all indulge in the love of our life..


With love Tamar

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