Filorga Eyes-Absolute

Laboratories Filorga, famous for their Medi-Cosmetics came out with the newest and finest in eye care ‘Eyes-Absolute


I couldn’t wait to test the sample and tell you my review about this little stick of eye magic…

The Claims!

Eyes-Absolute ‘Multi-correcting 6 in 1’ claims a healthy, glowing and less swollen eye contour from the first application, And after using it for a minimum of seven days it will make fine lines less noticeable and makes the appearance of dark circles lighter and under-eye bags disappear. Not only this, but you can use ‘Eyes–Absolute’ on your eyelids so it will give you a lifting effect and healthy long luscious eyelashes.

Tadaaa! This is the baby I need! ☺

So here’s my review…

What I really like about ‘Eyes-Absolute’ is the ‘Cryo-Effect’ the specially designed applicator gives you… And the instant cooling effect that makes your eyes go pop!
Filorga is famous for their ‘Cryolift™ a state-of-the-art non-surgical technology to treat signs of aging through Cryotherapy or “freeze therapy”. The treatment takes the skin down to -18 degrees Celsius, with a combination of gels.

Because of the special materials used for the applicator…


You don’t have to stash your cream in the fridge, because the applicator stays cool the entire time. The cream consisting Hyaluronic acid, Pro Vitamin B5, Peptides, and Antioxidant extract of green algae has a pleasant feel and a soft sophisticated scent.

I only got my ‘Eyes-Absolute’ for about 4 days and I’m totally ecstatic about the Magic eye cream already! I love that the product takes care of my eye skin but also nourishes my lashes. I use it in the morning and it has a nice cooling effect throughout the day. So I’m curious if it’s going to give my eyes a lifting effect after using it for a while… Until now I’m hooked.

I like the packaging to, a neat and clean design with no fringes, but how Medi-cosmetics should be uncomplicated but with power effectiveness.

If you want this magic wand too it’s shortly available@ Ici Paris XL

Filorga Eyes-Absolute €79-, for 15ml

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Tamar :)

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