Fibre Force nails …

Fibre force

Beautiful hands and nails who don’t want to have a pair of those?

Sadly enough, I’m not granted with lovely, strong and healthy natural nails. So I resorted to all kinds of remedies, but not one that with my busy life really gave me the solution that I was hoping for… Until a friend of mine told me about a new kind of gel nails?

Fibre force from ProNails!

Curious as a cat, I immediately wanted to know the in’s and the out of this magic gel and how they could transform my short stumped fingernails into happy model nails. Time to check out Fibre force! ☺
So what is it?

Well… it’s an innovating fibreglass reinforced base gel and together with a new technique, you get the strength of acrylics and thinness of a natural nail.

Not ever have I seen such beautiful and natural thin gel nails than with Fibre Force. After the introduction of SoPolish Protect and peel last year, Pronails hit the nail on the head again with this innovating gel and technique!
I’m pretty sure Fibre Force gel will be a huge success, so If you too are looking for beautiful, strong but natural thin looking gel nails. Hoover down to your nail salon and ask them for a set of of ‘Fibre Force’ nails. You will be happily surprised and ready to start spring with model hands like me ☺

Me xxx
Fibre force 2

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