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It’s a man’s world!

Do men need a different skincare regime then woman?

Is a question I often get so I decided to write a post about it…

Men’s general skin care needs do in fact vary from those of women. “Men’s skin is about 25% thicker with more collagen, more and larger hair follicles and more sebum production, all of which is mostly due to increased testosterone production.
These differences make men’s skin less sensitive and able to handle stronger ingredients.
Men skin is also oilier, with a complex network of blood vessels that allows for easier cell repair.
However, it also makes them a bit more acne-prone, so they don’t need as heavy cream-based products,” men don’t show signs of aging quite as early as women do.

And men generally prefer fragrance-free, and products that are easy to use and generally like a more masculine” packaging.
whereas women tend to prefer pretty scents and longer, luxurious routines.

The key ingredients worth looking out for are:

Retinoids, peptides, antioxidants and so forth, they work across skin types of both genders. It’s worth knowing that men’s skin is different than women’s in its structure.
As such, her products aren’t going to do you any harm, but they probably won’t reap the instant results you were hoping for either.

But not all men are buying male-only brands. In fact, they often opt for unisex or female-targeted brands instead. In short, a lot of men still buy according to their needs rather than their gender.

Nowaday’s you have brands who opt for unisex packaging, so men don’t need to shy away from having a to frilly cream in their bathroom.

So the answer goes both ways

For a cleanser – day-or-night cream I would stick to the men’s or unisex department.
As advice always use a good facial cleanser, preferably an exfoliating one.
But for an eye-cream or a mask! Go ahead and start digging in your woman’s 100€ jar, but be warned cause she might not be too amused about it! 😉

Hugs Tamar

2016 will be the year for male beauties

beard 1
After several inquiries from mars to start a ‘Men’s beauty’ section …

Here I am!
Ready to give the Martian beauties, advise on beauty products, tips and trick that will make them even more adorable 😉

If you’re already moisturizing your face, adding a different hydrating product under your eyes might feel a bit exceeding

But if you’ve ever used an eye product, whether after a long night of heavy drinking or just a long night at the office, you probably already know they have their purposes, specifically, in terms of making you look less dog tired.

Still, with all sorts of formulations (gels, serums, creams, balm), it’s hard to figure out which will be best for you

The eye solution for you depends on your age, skin type and goal. Since eye creams and balms are better at fully moisturizing and deliver nutrients to the top layer of the skin, they work best on under-eyes that are a bit more aged and dry.
If your concerns are wrinkles and fine lines, go for the cream.
Also, if you’re really flaky under your eyes, try a balm, which is more moisturizing.

Gels and serums, on the other hand, work best on fairly young and oily skin. Since they’re made from smaller molecules, they penetrate quicker and deeper to relieve puffiness and bags under your eyes, plus. Gels are also cooling, which quickly alleviates swelling; you can put them in your fridge for extra cooling. Both are similar, but serums are more concentrated, penetrate deeper, and are absorbed much quicker.

If you want the best results, it can’t hurt to get one from each category:

Use the eye cream/balm before bed so that it can fully absorb, then dab on the gel/serum in the morning. That’s a beauty regimen, definitely, but being beautiful and groomed gives you all the bliss you need :)

My top three eye care product for you my dear Martians are;

And believe me I know something about skincare.

Anti-fatigue cooling eye gel by Clinique for Men, Anti-fatigue eye serum from ClarinsMen. Filorga ‘Optim-eyes (eye contour)

You can always hop over to your beauty advisors and they will give you all the information you need!


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