Local loveliness

Wear your Funky!

Hail Mary its finally spring…

Time to get outside, kick the curb, get a tan, have long summer evenings with your nearest and dearest! Getting rid of the dark and cold winter and warm fluffy boots.

Saying yes to frilly fresh colored summer clothes, sandals and hot steamy BBQ’s ☺
Yihaaaaa! It’s time to come out of your hibernation…  And with the spring in our steps, I’m delighted to give you some great news from “Fashion land”`

A new star is born!

“Funky Couture Antwerp” Home based in our glorious fashion city… Alix Adria owner and designer of “Funky Couture Antwerp”  is set for a beautiful career in fashion land.
As a former entrepreneur in real estate but with a creative mindset and a heart full of passion, she colors creatively outside of the box

With tees and sweaters, denims with Chanel fringes and things of the highest quality, this girl doesn’t only know how to set up a house but set’s in her own way the crayons on fashion designs and audacious quotes that make a mark!


“You wanna hot body?
 You wanna Bugatti?
 You wanna wear Funky?
 You better work bitch!”

“Funky Couture Antwerp” is full of surprises and is hitting the streets with Zaza boom.
No better way than to flaunt the streets this spring and summer in her amazing T-shirts, funky pieces of denim, and sweaters….


The summer collection is already for sale in several luxurious boutiques throughout Belgium.
You can buy the collection @

TOPPIO, Ieper – DOLL’S, Kortrijk – GUAPA, De Haan – ENSOR 14, Oostende – COTE BLANC, Beveren – KLEIN LONDEN, Oudenaarde – MEERT&LODGE, Schepdaal – PICCADILLY, Landen – COMO FASHION, Sint-Katelijne-Waver – IDEFIX, Sint Job in’t Goor – LE BOBAZAR, Westmalle – BOETIEK 14, Diepenbeek – STEFF-LINE, Tongeren – JOËLLE, Maaseik – PORTOFINOS, Hasselt and many more…

I’ll bet ya gonna love the collection too!

Tamar x


Mexican soul food



If you want to eat Mexican soul food

I know a great place to go to!

Last weekend we went city tripping’ in Haarlem Holland. A weekend to remember. ☺
First of all, we love the city! situated nearby Amsterdam and Bloemendaal.
Haarlem speaks Magic! It’s such a vibrant place to be, with cozy restaurants, cafes, great shopping streets and lovely hotels.

After strolling the streets we decide to get a bite to eat in one of the many restaurants. Meanwhile passing a place called “Popocatepetl” a Mexican Cafe /restaurant offering a list of great cocktails.
We both agreed that we would get us cocktails later on… ☺

And so we did!

Popocatepetl named after the famous Vulcan in Mexico was fully packed and has a vibrant and friendly vibe to it. We were welcomed by Gerd the owner of the restaurant smiling and having a good time himself.
After a while, he served us tequila shots on the house…. We knew by then it would be an amazing night filled with laughter and drinks.
The evening carried us into fun, good-times, and many drinks, with the friendly staff en guests of Popocatepetl. But in a loving, funny haze we made sure we had a dinner table booked for the next evening.
Wondering if the Mexican dishes would be as great as their cocktails?

And Carambaaa!

The food was so good, tasty and real Mexican. Chicken so well cooked and fresh, it almost fell off the bones…. A tasty Mexican veal burger to dream off.
They serve different great dishes from empanadas, guacamole, and nachos to Pez Espada Veracruz, to name just a few.
The restaurant, its cocktails, great food, and cozy cantina interior happily surprised us.
But most of all their hospitality and vibrancy, It’s been a while that I felt so home in a city and a place

So whenever you are near Haarlem, make sure to go and visit them. I am sure you are going to have a great night, with or without a sombrero 😉




Hugs Tamar


Noël et Moi

For years, my friends and I complained about not having a day-time “hang out” a place where we could meet, have breakfast,  lunch or just a plain coffee…

But hey the universe heard upon our appeal and blessed us with “Noël et Moi” situated in the heart of Brasschaat.
A light, trendy and very stylish breakfast and lunch, hang out right around the corner!

Time to check it out…

Curious as a cat, wondering if their menu and service are as good as the stylish interior?


Upon arrival, I’m greeted by two friendly faces wishing me an upbeat ‘good morning’.

The interior reminds me of Scandinavian design. Airy, light and with grey and pink design chairs luring me to take a seat at the back, overlooking the entrance….

My eyes are captured by a big black and white picture of a sweet boy, that little kiddo must be Noël? And overhearing people sitting a table next to me. My intuition is right…

The owner of “Noël et Moi” Wenke De Bondt decided that after 17 years in fashion, a break-up and a cute little kiddo later she wanted to do something different, something she could easily combine with her co-parenting instead of late hours in fashion.

‘Noel et Moi was’ born, hence the name…


After flipping through the menu, I decide to go for “The daily breakfast” fresh orange juice, coffee or tea. A bag of daily bread accompanied with cheese, Serrano ham, an egg of choice. A croissant, fresh cheese with strawberries to complete this daily feast!

For the ones who really want to indulge, go for the “Prosecco breakfast’ and if you want to bring your little ones with you? There is a wide selection of kiddie foods.


For lunches, you can order sashimi, homemade Lasagne, a sexy selection of salads, tapas and more…

With their selection of wines, bubbles, spirits, and beers I’m sure lunch is going to be as great as my breakfast!

 Noël et Moi is the newest place to be! See you all there… ☺





Noel et Moi

Bredabaan 379

2930 Brasschaat

Beauty Bible

What better way to learn the in’s and the out’s of the beauty world than from the pro’s itself?

From perfumery to skincare, from body care to make up. Ici Paris Xl came out with a beauty bible covering all you need to know to become a ‘Beautyista’ yourself.

They invite you on a journey that helps you discover the history of perfumery and how to find the perfume that suits you best.
What to look out for, how to master the necessities of your beauty ritual. Why you absolutely need a serum and an eye cream.
In this post, I’m going to share a few of Ici Paris XL hands-on tricks if you need more in-depth.advice. Don’t miss out on this ‘beauty bible available @ ICI Paris XL stores and online.

Let’s start with the beautiful world of scents.
Perfume is something very individual, it’s not just a scent, it’s a part of your personality, it’s like the famous saying from Marilyn Monroe

“ What do I wear in bed? Why, Chanel N°. 5 of course”

The best time to spray perfume is right after your shower or bath, this because of your dilated pores that absorb the perfume molecules to a deeper level of your skin.
And if you want to get the best result of your perfume, you must learn the art of layering …
You become a master by using different forms from the same perfume. For example, use a perfumed soap, bad oil, shower gel, body lotion or cream to create the effect tripled by four!

“I believe happy girls are the prettiest”

Your inner beauty is always the most powerful, but a well-conditioned skin is also important so you can’t live without these tips.
Eye creams are a necessity because your skin around your eyes is much thinner, and eye creams are ophthalmologically tested and don’t have any perfumes in it. Also, the texture of a facial cream would be too heavy to penetrate the delicate eye area.
And don’t forget to use a serum, they give your skin a boost and make your cream more powerful.

The book is packed with loads of tips, especially about makeup. How to make your eyes look bigger, how to get the best results from your mascara, why a sun powder isn’t a blush? And more…
The “beauty bible” has 10 step by step makeup looks, so you can look your absolute best at any occasion.

So beauties get your well-manicured paws on that “Beauty bible” and feel like a Goddess, they also included a section for our beautiful groomed men! so if you are wondering who stole your book? you don’t have to look very far! 😉



The beauty bible 29,95 euro, (published by Borgerhoff & Lamberigts) available in dutch and French.

Hugs Tamar

A thing of beauty is a joy forever …

Voor het eerst sinds het ontstaan van mijn blog schrijf ik een stukje in de Nederlandse taal, ook voor het eerst heb ik een ‘gast blogger’.

Vandaar dus ….

Ik ben jullie mijn lieve lezers een klein voorwoord schuldig, en een introductie aan mijn ‘gast blogger’  Zoals jullie allemaal weten, bestaat mijn blog vooral uit ‘lifestyle’ items ….Al merk ik dat ik na een jaar bloggen constant evolueer en dit oprecht als een rijkdom ervaar. Buiten bloggen, werken en het dagdagelijkse leven houd ik me al jaren bezig met ‘vision boards en the law of attraction of creatief bewustzijn. Met dat gegeven op zak, bewandel ik mijn levenspad …Met af en toe een serieuze val, vind ik ‘NU’ snel mijn creatief bewustzijn terug. Een aantal maanden geleden kwam ik als bij toeval, Filip Waegemans tegen. En of toeval bestaat of niet dat laat ik in het midden.

Filip en ik geraakte dus in gesprek ….

Al heel snel was het duidelijk dat we beide veel raakvlakken hebben, en praatten we honderduit over ‘bewust leven’.   Filip Waegemans is een ‘ creative consciousness’ coach in wording, een lichaamstaal trainer en sponsoring verantwoordelijke voor Belgacom, maar vooral een boeiend man.Sinds kort geeft Filip coachings en heeft hij een  blog waarop hij naar mijn gevoel mooie ‘posts’ plaatst.

Zoals de laatste ‘A thing of beauty is a joy forever’ een post over vrouwelijke kracht maar ook vrouwelijkheid in een man ….Ik wil jullie deze mooie post niet ontnemen, en hoop dat jullie er evenveel van genieten als ik.

Dankjewel Filip voor je mooie post :)

Liefs Tamar x

A thing of beauty, is a joy forever ….

Het is altijd goed om iets op te biechten. Het bevrijdt en maakt de zaken bespreekbaar. Dus biecht ik op dat ik van de vrouwelijke kant van het leven houd. Voor ik direct op het vooroordeel paard “charmeur” wordt gezet en met een harde klap de pampas wordt ingejaagd wil ik het even preciseren. De vrouwelijk kracht van het leven, dat is wat ik bedoel. De pure kracht van het scheppende, de geborgenheid, het extra snoep in je boekentas met een kusje. De zorg om verder te kunnen in het leven. De pure mannelijke kracht heeft soms iets bruut, lelijk in zijn noodzakelijkheid. Het zit in het giechelende van mijn dochters en hun vriendinnetjes, in de warme knuffels van mijn tantes, in de rijstpap van mijn oma. Je kan iets afbreken om iets terug op te bouwen of je kan het met veel liefde een andere bestemming geven.

Ooit was ik te klein om mijn verantwoordelijkheid op te nemen. Jaloersheid, pijn en verbale agressie waren mijn wapens om de angst van mijn scheiding tegen te gaan. Enkele jaren later hebben we nu een stabiele relatie als gescheiden ouders met de toekomst van onze kinderen voor ogen. In mijn coachings zie ik het terugkomen hele herkenbare situaties waarin mama’s alleenstaand de taak op zich nemen, niet financieel rond komen en de storm van de mannelijke gekwetste trots er nog bovenop moeten nemen. Ik zie het ook rond mij. Er is veel dat we moeten goedmaken als papa’s in die situatie, veel vergeving vragen en liefde geven.

Veel vriendinnen vertellen me soortgelijke verhalen. Het eist zijn tol, zowel fysiek als mentaal. Het is een groter maatschappelijk probleem dan dat we denken. Wat is de prijs van gelijk te krijgen in iets wat ooit uiteindelijk een verhaal in het verleden gaat zijn? Onze engeltjes en bengeltjes leren van ons, dat is nu eenmaal de manier hoe de mens in elkaar zit, hoe we hebben geleerd te overleven. Door na te doen wat onze ouders doen. Ik zie wat het heeft gedaan met mijn dochters… Die vrouwelijke kracht die alleenstaande ouders laten zien, die zit in ieder van ons.

Indien we iets willen veranderen in dit leven moeten we de vrouwelijke kracht van het leven meer centraal zetten. Meer authentiek respect geven voor wat alleenstaande mama’s (en papa’s in de omgekeerde situatie) doen. Wat geven we anders door aan onze kinderen? Hoe maken we die wereld anders weer mooi indien we blijven creëren vanuit een uitsluitend mannelijke kracht? De zucht om warmte, een aai over de bol en iemand die fluistert dat het wel goed komt, iemand tegen je aan trekken in je warme bed en blij zijn. Of iemand in de ogen kunnen kijken en zeggen dat je het hem of haar vergeeft. Of mijn dochters die voor de spiegel staan en vragen of ik het mooi vindt wat ze aan hebben.

Het doet me denken aan een quote van John Keats:. “A thing of beauty is a joy forever: its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness.”

Filip Waegamans



if you have stress you need to unwind …

l'eau 1
Whenever I search for solitude or want to relax with friends and have a good old female chat. I go to Lola’s ‘aka’ Karin’s private sauna hideaway in Schoten …

It’s a small private sauna in a country setting, far away from noise and traffic …

There I am able to refill my batteries, unwind, have a good laugh and eat Lola’s amazing tapas! Lola is always cheerful and a true ‘hostess with the mostess’ she makes you feel comfortable and at ease.

So it’s a great beginning of your Zen adventure… The sauna is build for two people, but if you talk with Lola maybe she will allow you to go with three or four?

The small size of the sauna doesn’t bother and gives you a warm and cosy feeling.

The facilities,  are all you need. A swimmingpool, hot tub, steamcabine and a Finn Sauna.
You can chill down in the amazing warm chairs that comfort you like a nice warm blanket or on the white trendy loungers …


After your hot sauna you can go outside and enjoy the weather, summer or winter it’s always nice to sit outside! and enjoy the peace and quiet of the whimsical environment.

L’eau d’anvers has a great choice of drinks and tapas, from Cava to Champagne, from wine to beer to meet your personal flavor …


In the near future you will also be able to book a specialized massage combined with your sauna visit, this will leave you reborn and chill :)

You can also book a special package …

From birthday to breakfast, from luxurious with cava to cheese and wine!

Whatever makes you happy! And Lola is always into something new ☺

So whenever you need to unwind from daily life, or want to give a stress-free gift.
I can recommend you Lola’s
L’eau d’anvers

For reservations; 0484/91.23.28

www.http://la.resto-app.be IMG_1557 Have a Zen time and enjoy!




The scents of a perfume aficionado …


I can’t help falling in love with scents …

First off all it’s part of my job and secondly from when I was a little girl I mixed up my mum’s perfumes into something I thought smelled exclusive 😉
From scented candles to incense, I’m still a perfume aficionado! perfume can instantly zap you back to memory lane, give you that extra zazaaaa and make you feel beautiful …

We all adore our favourite perfumeries, where we can hop in and get our favourite scent. But have you ever experienced a small personal one?
One that only sells exclusive perfumes, a bit like you would visit a tailor …
From when you get into the store the staff grabs your attention and they take you on a perfume journey.
You learn about brands you never heard off before, Italian, French, British, and scents from seductive to tender.

Some are made exclusively for the Middle East and if you are really lucky, the store has a few of the little gems in stock

These perfumes are more expensive than the ones you buy at your regular perfumery, because they exist of pure essence and without synthetic ingredients.
The pureness of the ingredients make the scents exquisite and more heavy, use them sparingly, one or two drops will get you through the day
So if you adore special scents! Then I will take you on a little shopping tour in posh perfumery land. With a list of stores and information on ones I visited and that I know are amazing and you shouldn’t miss out on!



One of my favourites in Antwerp … A family business for about 40 years, moved four years ago from its little shop in the Schuttshofstraat to a larger location. Necessities sells,  Annick Goutal, Diptique, l’artisan Parfumeur, Esteban, Floris Penhaligons, Creed and my favourite Miller Harris.

The owner Cathy, a highly experienced parfumeur will guide you through all the scents and help you make your choice.

Steenhouwersvest 28
2000 Antwerp


La Maison du Parfum

Located in the heart of Antwerp, near central Station and the diamond area … Also a little gem on haute Perfumery! They Sell Parks London, Montale, St Barth, the amazing scents of Nobile 1942, Illuminum, to name a few …

Appelmanstraat 25
2018 Antwerp


Verso Profumo

With nearly two decades of experience in luxury fashion. What started out as a men’s boutique a couple of streets away, has culminated into a truly one-of-a-kind concept store in a beautifully restored 16th Century mansion. The building once housed distinguished families and notable banks, but is now widely considered a fashion heaven in Belgium and beyond. They now also have a beautiful perfumery with exquisite scents.
Go to Antwerp, relax visit Verso, enjoy and be sure to stop at the Verso Café to have a delightful lunch! Verso sells; Odin, Bond Nr 9, Montale, Costume National, Odin

Lange Gasthuisstraat 11
2000 Antwerp


Senteurs d’ailleurs

Whenever in Brussels be sure to visit them, a beautiful store filled with ‘Haute perfumery, Haute Cosmétique’ and an amazing beauty institute. Senteur d’ailleurs sells; Aqua di Parma, Jean Patou, Frederic Malle and many more ….

Place Stéphanie 1A/ 3
1000 Brussels



me …

Food for foodies!



In the beginning of May, we went to ‘Food for Foodies’ situated in the heart and multicultural part of Antwerp (de Coninckplein)

You can’t miss the house, even blind folded you know where you have to go … Follow the screaming ‘here it is! Very pink house!…

Food for foodies organizes cooking workshops, not just ‘a how to cook?’ But a hands on, multicultural culinary experience … Together with the hostess you explore the neighbourhood, the locals and their localities.
Groceries you didn’t even know existed , heritage, culture and friendliness of the top line!

From the moment you walk into ‘food for foodies’ as a cooking addict like me, you’re hooked …

Ceiling high walls filled with cooking bibles, a dream of a cooking island, sort alike people, vibrancy and a long guest table … Happiness coming together and in this case, cooking together.

We went for the ‘Persian workshop’ similar to the Turkish cuisine … Or like most of us know as mezze … Tiny little dishes made with friendship and teamwork.

Food for foodies has a programme from Chinese, to summery Japanese, to modern jewish and streetstyle Vietnamese food.

You can also come with your own group and customize your cooking desires, as long you are willing to leave your comfort zone.
Food for foodies will lead you to a new cooking experience.

As I only write about things I like, love or things that captured my heart….

The dashing pink building just captured mine…

Me x!
Here’s the Food for foodies website to find out more details


Limonsoda and the sound of shoes ….


Kloosterstraat in Antwerp!

For me, one of the most pleasurable streets in Antwerp …

Most famous for the vintage furniture stores, lovely restaurants and trendy boutiques …

Ten years ago, owner Mirja Mariën opened a beautiful children shoe store named ‘LimonSoda’

In this amazing store you can find the most adorable shoes for your kiddies. From sweet, with bow ties for cute girls, to funky and cool, for real boys.
Mirja has an immaculate taste, so you can be sure that ‘LimonSoda’ has a beautiful selection of high quality shoes.

And, at times we ‘supposed to be grown-ups’ are lucky too …


Hey, hey, hey!!! Some of ‘Mirja’s’ collections, go up to european size 40.
Nice to have a mother/daughter moment! little girls just love to dress up like mama.
Or just because you want to have that fabulous pair of shoes hopppaaaa!!!

LimonSoda sells different brands like Nathalie Verlinden – Pépé – Galluci – Eli – Eureka – Zecchino D’Oro – M.D.J – Bumper – Rondinella (Fashion collection) – Ocra – Momino – Finger In The Nose – Golden Goose Deluxe Brand – Feiyue – Rivieras – Clic – Spring Court – New Balance – Blund Stone – Aigle – Birkenstock (Fashion Collectie)

If you don’t know this cute shoe store already?

Take your kids, jump in your car and visit ‘LImonSoda’
The only difficult moment will be on making a choice between all the trendy and adorable shoes!
But then again as a good mum’ you should give the little princesses and princes the good shoe buying example. 😉

Mama’s let your freak flag fly!! :)





Kloosterstraat 160
2000 Antwerp

Tuesday to Friday: 10u-13u and 14u-18u
Saturday: 10u-18u
Sunday and Monday: Closed

Where’s the party at?


Almost everybody in the North of Antwerp knows ‘Belami’ in Schoten as ‘The best bar in town’

It’s the place where we have our after work, private parties or just parties 😉

We like this bar because as locals it’s nearby, no need to drive to the city to have a great night.

Belami is light and airy
It doesn’t have the typical nightlife feel to it. The interior is light colored, wooden floors and tables, wicker chairs and beautiful plush cushions.
Whenever I walk into ‘Belami’ alone, I surely bump into someone I know! and that gives me a pleasant feeling. And during daytime you can enjoy the lovely terrace and a cocktail …

And new, new, new!

From now on ‘Belami’ serves lunches and on Thursday and Friday dinner!
So you can have dinner and stay in one place to enjoy one of the five resident DJ’s and dance the light away …

And what’s on the menu? steak, tuna, salads and lots of other tasty foods.
The food is delicious, the atmosphere good, for sure the best bar in town!

Go, go and reserve your table, enjoy, eat, dance, laugh and have a great time!

And, by the way!

on june 14th Belami starts with the first of probably many ‘Saturday night fever’ Theme nights! So dress to impress, they go back to the ’70s. Disco dancing, glittering disco balls, big afro hair and funky embarrassing clothes ;). The disco era was fun! And we are going back in time, and have a funky, hilarious night!

See ya there! And dont forget to dress to impress!
Hoppaaaa …


Love and a hug!


(Pictures credit to Belami)

Bredabaan 1026
2900 Schoten
03 658 77 41