Filorga Eyes-Absolute

Laboratories Filorga, famous for their Medi-Cosmetics came out with the newest and finest in eye care ‘Eyes-Absolute


I couldn’t wait to test the sample and tell you my review about this little stick of eye magic…

The Claims!

Eyes-Absolute ‘Multi-correcting 6 in 1’ claims a healthy, glowing and less swollen eye contour from the first application, And after using it for a minimum of seven days it will make fine lines less noticeable and makes the appearance of dark circles lighter and under-eye bags disappear. Not only this, but you can use ‘Eyes–Absolute’ on your eyelids so it will give you a lifting effect and healthy long luscious eyelashes.

Tadaaa! This is the baby I need! ☺

So here’s my review…

What I really like about ‘Eyes-Absolute’ is the ‘Cryo-Effect’ the specially designed applicator gives you… And the instant cooling effect that makes your eyes go pop!
Filorga is famous for their ‘Cryolift™ a state-of-the-art non-surgical technology to treat signs of aging through Cryotherapy or “freeze therapy”. The treatment takes the skin down to -18 degrees Celsius, with a combination of gels.

Because of the special materials used for the applicator…


You don’t have to stash your cream in the fridge, because the applicator stays cool the entire time. The cream consisting Hyaluronic acid, Pro Vitamin B5, Peptides, and Antioxidant extract of green algae has a pleasant feel and a soft sophisticated scent.

I only got my ‘Eyes-Absolute’ for about 4 days and I’m totally ecstatic about the Magic eye cream already! I love that the product takes care of my eye skin but also nourishes my lashes. I use it in the morning and it has a nice cooling effect throughout the day. So I’m curious if it’s going to give my eyes a lifting effect after using it for a while… Until now I’m hooked.

I like the packaging to, a neat and clean design with no fringes, but how Medi-cosmetics should be uncomplicated but with power effectiveness.

If you want this magic wand too it’s shortly available@ Ici Paris XL

Filorga Eyes-Absolute €79-, for 15ml

filorga 3


Tamar :)

Let summer begin!

Sisley Super Soin Solaire Teintés SPF 30
We have a thousand ways to enjoy the sun, but to keep a beautiful and healthy, good-looking skin you need the best protection you can get. Without losing your glorious radiance…

That’s why French top cosmetic brand ‘Sisley’ came out with Super Soin Solaire Teintés SPF 30, so every woman can show off her beautiful, healthy tanned skin without the need of a sun-cream, a day care-cream and a foundation.

Sisley did further research on their Sun-Skincare products and the result is Super Soin Solaires Teintés SPF30 for a younger looking skin.
With this product you can protect your skin against the sun and his damaging effects and meanwhile you can pack away your heavy foundations and lighten up with tinted moisturizers

A perfect glowing skin thanks to four new shades based on Sisley’s best foundations mimicking your natural skin-color.

4 New Shades

° Porcelain
° Natural
° Golden
° Amber

Super Soin Solaire Teintés SPF 30 has a sublime light texture that instantly gives your skin a soft veil of glamour, it’s waterproof and protects your skin under any circumstances With a perfume based on essential oils from sage and Marjorie like the other sun-care products from Sisley, I’m sure you are going to love this product as I do.

I can’t wait for the summer to begin and show my beautiful ‘Sisley’ tan!

Hugs Tamar


° Available@ Ici Paris XL

It’s a man’s world!

Do men need a different skincare regime then woman?

Is a question I often get so I decided to write a post about it…

Men’s general skin care needs do in fact vary from those of women. “Men’s skin is about 25% thicker with more collagen, more and larger hair follicles and more sebum production, all of which is mostly due to increased testosterone production.
These differences make men’s skin less sensitive and able to handle stronger ingredients.
Men skin is also oilier, with a complex network of blood vessels that allows for easier cell repair.
However, it also makes them a bit more acne-prone, so they don’t need as heavy cream-based products,” men don’t show signs of aging quite as early as women do.

And men generally prefer fragrance-free, and products that are easy to use and generally like a more masculine” packaging.
whereas women tend to prefer pretty scents and longer, luxurious routines.

The key ingredients worth looking out for are:

Retinoids, peptides, antioxidants and so forth, they work across skin types of both genders. It’s worth knowing that men’s skin is different than women’s in its structure.
As such, her products aren’t going to do you any harm, but they probably won’t reap the instant results you were hoping for either.

But not all men are buying male-only brands. In fact, they often opt for unisex or female-targeted brands instead. In short, a lot of men still buy according to their needs rather than their gender.

Nowaday’s you have brands who opt for unisex packaging, so men don’t need to shy away from having a to frilly cream in their bathroom.

So the answer goes both ways

For a cleanser – day-or-night cream I would stick to the men’s or unisex department.
As advice always use a good facial cleanser, preferably an exfoliating one.
But for an eye-cream or a mask! Go ahead and start digging in your woman’s 100€ jar, but be warned cause she might not be too amused about it! 😉

Hugs Tamar

Estee Lauder new eye wonder!

estee lauder 1

New Dimension Firming + Fill eye System

Following the success of the New dimension Sculpting and contouring skincare, Estee Lauder came out with the New Dimension Firm + Fill eye system.

The products comes with two application processes

The top cream is a light gel texture, formulated with Estee Lauder’s Pro-Collagen Complex. It tightens, tones and hydrates the skin eye area.
The second cream is actually a filler with light–diffusing optics to instantly smooth the eye area, it smooth’s your eye skin and it looks firmer and strengthened.

I love the feeling

I get from the first eye gel, it’s cooling and tightening and what I love too is that you can use it day and night.
The second cream fills fine lines; use it very sparingly because it has a heavy texture, so you don’t need a lot to make it work :)
Pat, it under your eye skin area, and see how it works wonders and sets you off with a healthy wide awake look.
After this, you can use your concealer if you want to.

I’m really ecstatically happy with Estee Lauder’s New Dimension Firm + Fill Eye system, it’s easy to use and it works fast.
Try it out and let me know what you think about it!

Availabla@ IPXL

estee 2


Tamar x

Beauty Bible

What better way to learn the in’s and the out’s of the beauty world than from the pro’s itself?

From perfumery to skincare, from body care to make up. Ici Paris Xl came out with a beauty bible covering all you need to know to become a ‘Beautyista’ yourself.

They invite you on a journey that helps you discover the history of perfumery and how to find the perfume that suits you best.
What to look out for, how to master the necessities of your beauty ritual. Why you absolutely need a serum and an eye cream.
In this post, I’m going to share a few of Ici Paris XL hands-on tricks if you need more in-depth.advice. Don’t miss out on this ‘beauty bible available @ ICI Paris XL stores and online.

Let’s start with the beautiful world of scents.
Perfume is something very individual, it’s not just a scent, it’s a part of your personality, it’s like the famous saying from Marilyn Monroe

“ What do I wear in bed? Why, Chanel N°. 5 of course”

The best time to spray perfume is right after your shower or bath, this because of your dilated pores that absorb the perfume molecules to a deeper level of your skin.
And if you want to get the best result of your perfume, you must learn the art of layering …
You become a master by using different forms from the same perfume. For example, use a perfumed soap, bad oil, shower gel, body lotion or cream to create the effect tripled by four!

“I believe happy girls are the prettiest”

Your inner beauty is always the most powerful, but a well-conditioned skin is also important so you can’t live without these tips.
Eye creams are a necessity because your skin around your eyes is much thinner, and eye creams are ophthalmologically tested and don’t have any perfumes in it. Also, the texture of a facial cream would be too heavy to penetrate the delicate eye area.
And don’t forget to use a serum, they give your skin a boost and make your cream more powerful.

The book is packed with loads of tips, especially about makeup. How to make your eyes look bigger, how to get the best results from your mascara, why a sun powder isn’t a blush? And more…
The “beauty bible” has 10 step by step makeup looks, so you can look your absolute best at any occasion.

So beauties get your well-manicured paws on that “Beauty bible” and feel like a Goddess, they also included a section for our beautiful groomed men! so if you are wondering who stole your book? you don’t have to look very far! 😉



The beauty bible 29,95 euro, (published by Borgerhoff & Lamberigts) available in dutch and French.

Hugs Tamar

Rodial skincare beauty without a surgeon …


rodial 3
Finally after years…

Cult skincare brand ‘Rodial’ has made it to Belgium, founded in 1999 by skincare authority ‘Maria Hatzistefanis’ following her years as a beauty journalist for ‘Seventeen Magazine’ in Greece, and seeing a gap in the beauty market for high performance skincare.

Rodial loved by celebrities and beauty aficionados

has a presence in more than 35 countries and 20.000 doors.
Sold at high-end stores like Harvey Nichols, Harrods and saks Fifth Avenue to name a few.
Rodial products are high performance skincare they deliver results and deliver it fast, just how we want it 😉 All their products contain ‘pomegranate ellagic tannin’ which naturally helps to firm the skin and boost collagen production.

Not only …

With their range of 9 skin and body care products you surely will find one that your skin is shouting for ☺
As for their high performance products, from a highly likeable skincare beautyista the range has great names too.
From Bee venom, Dragons blood, Glamoxy snake, Glamtox, Super Acids, Pink Diamond, Stemcell, Superfit and cougar.

Taddaaaaa! all blissfully reshaping, plumping, hydrating, and anti sagging your skin.


rodial 4

Personally I’m in love with the Pink Diamond instant lifting serum.

A flash radiance serum with an immediate skin-lifting effect, evens your skin tone and adds luminosity with real diamond powder. It helps even my skin tone and the Diamond powder reflects light to give the complexion a soft, natural glow. Your skin feels tighter, firmer and you have a radiance like a falling star in a dark sky!

Friends and collegues love the Dragon’s blood eye patches.

These innovative gel eye masks intensely hydrate and moisturize the delicate eye and deliver an immediate de-puff effect. Arnica extracts reduce the appearance of puffiness for a brighter eyed appearance. It works wonders when you want to look your absolute best before a big event.

You can discover the entire range at Ici Paris XL

as they sell Rodial exclusively in Belgium or take a look at to see the entire range.

Last year Rodial started a cosmetic range hopefully soon available in Belgium too, cause it looks very promising! :)

Hugs and and a kiss  … and sweethearts don’t miss out on the absolutely fabulous skincare range, they don’t call it for nothing a facelift without a surgeon :)


2016 will be the year for male beauties

beard 1
After several inquiries from mars to start a ‘Men’s beauty’ section …

Here I am!
Ready to give the Martian beauties, advise on beauty products, tips and trick that will make them even more adorable 😉

If you’re already moisturizing your face, adding a different hydrating product under your eyes might feel a bit exceeding

But if you’ve ever used an eye product, whether after a long night of heavy drinking or just a long night at the office, you probably already know they have their purposes, specifically, in terms of making you look less dog tired.

Still, with all sorts of formulations (gels, serums, creams, balm), it’s hard to figure out which will be best for you

The eye solution for you depends on your age, skin type and goal. Since eye creams and balms are better at fully moisturizing and deliver nutrients to the top layer of the skin, they work best on under-eyes that are a bit more aged and dry.
If your concerns are wrinkles and fine lines, go for the cream.
Also, if you’re really flaky under your eyes, try a balm, which is more moisturizing.

Gels and serums, on the other hand, work best on fairly young and oily skin. Since they’re made from smaller molecules, they penetrate quicker and deeper to relieve puffiness and bags under your eyes, plus. Gels are also cooling, which quickly alleviates swelling; you can put them in your fridge for extra cooling. Both are similar, but serums are more concentrated, penetrate deeper, and are absorbed much quicker.

If you want the best results, it can’t hurt to get one from each category:

Use the eye cream/balm before bed so that it can fully absorb, then dab on the gel/serum in the morning. That’s a beauty regimen, definitely, but being beautiful and groomed gives you all the bliss you need :)

My top three eye care product for you my dear Martians are;

And believe me I know something about skincare.

Anti-fatigue cooling eye gel by Clinique for Men, Anti-fatigue eye serum from ClarinsMen. Filorga ‘Optim-eyes (eye contour)

You can always hop over to your beauty advisors and they will give you all the information you need!


Processed with Moldiv

Processed with Moldiv


Tamar X

*available@ ici Paris XL

Soir d’orient a heaven scent!


You just have to love Sisley!

Already for years I have been a huge fan of this amazing brand, famous for their skincare and perfume products. The Company Founded by Hubert d’ornano, grandson of the Lancôme and Orlane heir and experts in skincare know how.

With soir d’orient they mastered to come up with an exquisite scent every perfume aficionado will have to agree.

It isn’t just a perfume, Soir d’orient takes you on a story inspired by Isabelle d’Ornano childhood memories of summer walks in The garden of Alcazar (Seville), the setting sun in Andalucía, the magical sphere of jasmine scented gardens.


The name Soir D’orient citing to ‘Eau the soir’ brings a mysterious and magical scent with top notes from Iran Galbanum to Saffron, heart notes from Madagascar pepper to Turkish rose, combined with a base of Indonesian patchouli and Somalia incense to get the specific Oriënt scent.


The Soir d’Orient bottle is adorned with rich oriental details and the golden acanthus leaf, designed by Polish artist Bronislaw Krzysztof, emblematic of Eau du Soir.

I fell in love with this perfume because of its distinctive and sophisticated scent. It instantly takes you into the garden of Alcazar and gives you a glimpse into Isabelle d’Ornano memories.

Be sure to try it out, or your husband ’cause soire d’orient is unisex and can be worn by men too.

Hugs Tamar

Available at Ipxl

Pop your hair …


In 2008 Italian company ‘Hairplane started a new hair concept and hair brand called ‘Mood’.

After sufficient research they became the “Color Revolution’! And that said this guys came up with the magic triangle!

The highest quality hair colors, with pigments coming from Italy, the best education and eco friendly!
Also budget friendly, for your hairstylist as for you. Mood is one of the only hair brands that gives you the possibility to buy refills for their shampoo and treatments.
That way the company supports Mother Earth and takes care of your budget without killing your wardrobe must haves 😉

Hairplane and mood aim high for quality by giving numerous educations for hairstylist, so you can be sure that whenever you get your hair done at a Mood hair salon, you have the highest skilled and up to date stylists performing magic hair tricks!

A big hail for the new brand! They stand for evolution in color and education.
I love how this company searched to stand out and get the most beautiful results!
According to research what customers look for the most, by visiting a hairdresser is grey hair covering! Because they use high-pigmented colors they don’t just get the exact covering but also luscious healthy hair.

I’m so happy, cause finally since a few months the brand is available in the Benelux!

Mostly I woke up looking like Tina Turner on a bad hair day 😉
But since I have my mood shampoo and treatments I feel blessed having no more bad hair days, but instead lovely healthy and shiny hair.

You can try ‘Mood color’ out at Hairdeco Salon In St-Niklaas, hairstylist for Miss Exclusive!

Pop your hair!


Tamar x

Urban Decay goes Belgium!

Urban Cosmetics

Finally, after ‘Loreal Group’ aquired the amazing and trendy make up brand ‘Urban Decay’ in 2013.
We Belgian’s can get our hands on their quality products online, from the start of May 2015 thanks to Ici Paris Xl.

From now on we don’t have to travel different country’s to get our favourite stash of make up palettes and dashing it items!

Urban Decay founded by Sandy Lerner, Pat Holmes, Wende Zomnir and David Soward in 1999

Totally conquered the Make up Artist world with their line of 10 lipsticks and 12 nail polishes. Urban Decay inspired the color palette on the urban landscape and so they came up with the Company’s name.


Not only are they always spot on the latest trends, they don’t do animal testing in the creation of its products, the products are guaranteed 100% vegetarian, and every box includes its cruelty free philosophy!
All the brushes are made from synthetic hairs, and they are certified ‘cruelty free by Peta and CCIC ‘Leaping bunny program’, hence the name ‘Karma Brushes’ :)

From end of may 2015 Ici Paris Xl store on the avenue Louise in Brussels will sell it in store.
There is whispered and hopefully this is true! ☺ Soon other Ici Paris XL stores will follow in the footstep of their Brussels sister.

So fire your ‘Urban Decay’ order online or get your best friend on a city trip to Brussels and update your make up necessities from a top brand!


Be set for a dazzling summer!