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Rodial skincare beauty without a surgeon …


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Finally after years…

Cult skincare brand ‘Rodial’ has made it to Belgium, founded in 1999 by skincare authority ‘Maria Hatzistefanis’ following her years as a beauty journalist for ‘Seventeen Magazine’ in Greece, and seeing a gap in the beauty market for high performance skincare.

Rodial loved by celebrities and beauty aficionados

has a presence in more than 35 countries and 20.000 doors.
Sold at high-end stores like Harvey Nichols, Harrods and saks Fifth Avenue to name a few.
Rodial products are high performance skincare they deliver results and deliver it fast, just how we want it 😉 All their products contain ‘pomegranate ellagic tannin’ which naturally helps to firm the skin and boost collagen production.

Not only …

With their range of 9 skin and body care products you surely will find one that your skin is shouting for ☺
As for their high performance products, from a highly likeable skincare beautyista the range has great names too.
From Bee venom, Dragons blood, Glamoxy snake, Glamtox, Super Acids, Pink Diamond, Stemcell, Superfit and cougar.

Taddaaaaa! all blissfully reshaping, plumping, hydrating, and anti sagging your skin.


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Personally I’m in love with the Pink Diamond instant lifting serum.

A flash radiance serum with an immediate skin-lifting effect, evens your skin tone and adds luminosity with real diamond powder. It helps even my skin tone and the Diamond powder reflects light to give the complexion a soft, natural glow. Your skin feels tighter, firmer and you have a radiance like a falling star in a dark sky!

Friends and collegues love the Dragon’s blood eye patches.

These innovative gel eye masks intensely hydrate and moisturize the delicate eye and deliver an immediate de-puff effect. Arnica extracts reduce the appearance of puffiness for a brighter eyed appearance. It works wonders when you want to look your absolute best before a big event.

You can discover the entire range at Ici Paris XL

as they sell Rodial exclusively in Belgium or take a look at to see the entire range.

Last year Rodial started a cosmetic range hopefully soon available in Belgium too, cause it looks very promising! :)

Hugs and and a kiss  … and sweethearts don’t miss out on the absolutely fabulous skincare range, they don’t call it for nothing a facelift without a surgeon :)


2016 will be the year for male beauties

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After several inquiries from mars to start a ‘Men’s beauty’ section …

Here I am!
Ready to give the Martian beauties, advise on beauty products, tips and trick that will make them even more adorable 😉

If you’re already moisturizing your face, adding a different hydrating product under your eyes might feel a bit exceeding

But if you’ve ever used an eye product, whether after a long night of heavy drinking or just a long night at the office, you probably already know they have their purposes, specifically, in terms of making you look less dog tired.

Still, with all sorts of formulations (gels, serums, creams, balm), it’s hard to figure out which will be best for you

The eye solution for you depends on your age, skin type and goal. Since eye creams and balms are better at fully moisturizing and deliver nutrients to the top layer of the skin, they work best on under-eyes that are a bit more aged and dry.
If your concerns are wrinkles and fine lines, go for the cream.
Also, if you’re really flaky under your eyes, try a balm, which is more moisturizing.

Gels and serums, on the other hand, work best on fairly young and oily skin. Since they’re made from smaller molecules, they penetrate quicker and deeper to relieve puffiness and bags under your eyes, plus. Gels are also cooling, which quickly alleviates swelling; you can put them in your fridge for extra cooling. Both are similar, but serums are more concentrated, penetrate deeper, and are absorbed much quicker.

If you want the best results, it can’t hurt to get one from each category:

Use the eye cream/balm before bed so that it can fully absorb, then dab on the gel/serum in the morning. That’s a beauty regimen, definitely, but being beautiful and groomed gives you all the bliss you need :)

My top three eye care product for you my dear Martians are;

And believe me I know something about skincare.

Anti-fatigue cooling eye gel by Clinique for Men, Anti-fatigue eye serum from ClarinsMen. Filorga ‘Optim-eyes (eye contour)

You can always hop over to your beauty advisors and they will give you all the information you need!


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