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Sporty chic and perfection …

The hottest trend right now is ‘sporty chic’!

I so love this look because it’s so easy to pull together! However, don’t go for workout wear to your company, but smartly create a sporty chic style. Go for baseball cap designs in leather or another rich fabric, and combine it with an awesome item of clothing.
Wear your maxi skirt with beautiful sneakers, a t-shirt and a vest.

You can look sophisticated, uber-stylish and yet sporty.

Please forget the gym look, go classy not trashy :) because that’s not what this fabulous trend is about!

Combine, combine, combine …

It’s so easy to follow, because you probably already own a good number of items to create this look! Go for tomboy with elegance, bring together the perfect balance between masculine and feminine, comfort with style.
I recommend 60% chic and 40 % sporty, this way you will have the perfect mixture…
The sporty chic look! famously seen on stars and models like Rihanna, Beyoncé and Chloe Delevigne.
Also, leading fashion designers go for this trend,

Stella McCartney, Chanel, Alexander McQueen

to name a few all created this look on the runway. Be on the look out for ‘sporty-Chic’ trend must haves!

Baseball caps, bomber jackets, sweaters, numbered tees, pencil skirts, white shirts, blazers and not to forget crop tops. Go and indulge in this ab fab look,

sporty chic and perfection

without the gym :)


Me …

(Pinterest credit for the pictures)


Blissfully happy nails?


Something new from nail-artistry land!

… Finally!

’Protect and Peel”
Innovating, hassle free and ooh yes,

we’ve got a winner!

We all know semi-permanent nail polishes, and we adore the comfort and easiness they bring us! Just a stroll away from your nail studio and 35 minutes later, you walk out with a pair of dazzling nails for two weeks.

But then …

After two weeks, you need your nail artist to polish them to bliss again! Meanwhile your boss or screaming kids play havoc with your schedule. Two options! you buy a special nail solvent at your nail studio, sit home-glued to your couch looking like Mr.Tinman from the wizard of oz ;/ or you dodge your boss with an excuse, fake a stroke or another plan to finally get your old polish removed. :)


Tried and tested you find a brand with the perfect solution. And, I’m talking perfect! Semi permanent nail polish with an innovating removing solution for us princesses!

Pronails gives you this,

the brand came up with a smart yet simple solution! No more solvent, no more nail filing and harming nail substance. These guys have come up with a tiny piece of skin that they professionally lay over your nails! It works like a protective barrier, no harm, no hustle, just perfect coated nails, polished with high shine! Your old polish is removed in 10 seconds at the nail studio or DIY at home.


So no precious time wasted, and blissfully happy nails!!


Me …

(contact them for your nearest certified salon)



Sexiness for your face

Tried and tested!

GlamGlow mask, the product that promises ‘sexiness out of a jar’?

 So I’m in!

… Tuesday night ‘dead tired’! I definitely need some Glow And sexiness …  If the promise they make is true? I’m the happiest person alive.

 Let me tell you something about the product, the makers and the benefits …

Glam-Glow known and designed in the ‘Hollywood hills’ for both men and woman. Award winning, hydrating, anti – aging and exfoliant treatment.

Actually designed for exclusive back stage professional use! But now we can have our hands on it!! Currently, one of the ‘It’ products and hottest brand. It’s fast acting, innovating and ‘darlings’ It works!!
A mud … Yep it’s mud! Mixed with green tea leaves and volcanic rock. The formula gives you high end technology. It’s not ‘Play doh’ not a ordinary clay! This jar gives your face a noticeable three day glow, your skin is smooth and soft like a feather. It tightens your skin, minimizes pores and absorbs impurities like sponge Bob :)

Do I scream as a fan? Ooooooh bloody hell YESS, YESS!!

As a beautician I know my way around Skincare and great products.  This one for sure is a ‘run baby run’ to your nearest perfumery and try it out for yourself! Super-mud! No parabenes, no sulfates only pure sexiness from a jar!

How to use it;  Simple, simple, simple …

Use the mask on a clean face, and ooooh please use a mask brush (your fingers will contaminate the formulation = half the sexiness) 😉  Leave it on your face for about 10 minutes, it will dry out like clay. Afterwards, moist your fingers and with circular movements let the volcanic rock do the exfoliating work.  This amazing mask will give your face a tingling feeling for about 20 minutes and a healthy complexion for about three days.

It’s not sexiness from a jar, but magic!


Love  Me …

For locals; you Can buy this product @ ICI Paris Xl
50ml 49,95€

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Israeli pasta salad



As a foodie I’m a sucker for foods!

Mediterranean, Perzian, Moroccan and Israeli dishes. I love the taste of herbs and how they mix orange blossom water into something heavenly.

So Today I want to share with you ‘my Israeli pasta salad’

A cold and very easy to make salad, after years of making this recipe its still loved by friends, family and me. You can eat this dish as a stand-alone or a side dish on a buffet or a summer BBQ. The main ingredients are farfalle pasta (bow-tie pasta) and feta cheese.

Here we go!

– 500g farfalle pasta
– 1 jar of feta in herb – oil
– 1 pack of feta cheese
– 2 red onions
– 1 cucumber
– 4 tomatoes
– 2 Sweet peppers (use different colors)
– lime juice<h/h6>
– small hand of chopped almonds

Olives for an extra Mediterranean taste – Few mint leaves for extra summer freshness


Boil the water in a casserole, and cook the pasta al dente. After cooking let the farfalle turn cold. Meanwhile chop all de vegetables in small pieces and put them in a bowl. Chop the almonds with your mezzaluna (I think it’s easier as a knife) Open your pack of feta cheese, and cut in dices, mix it together with the vegetables. Open the jar of feta in herb-oil and use all the feta and half the oil (don’t forget this because the herb-oil gives the salad his specific taste) add the almonds and the lime juice.

Serve this Israeli salad cold, with a few mint leaves and chilled white wine.

Let the summer good times begin!

Me …



Be you-tiful!


Dare to be different…

be your own trendsetter…
Is not about the designers or the price, but how you rock it
And it starts with confidence,
So for those who have something to say,
Tell ‘em: GET IN, FIT IN or get out…

{Ciara interlude}

Follow your senses …


Feel Good Gallery

Previously situated in Antwerp …

But now this concept store has a new adress! kustlaan 44 in Knokke.

Ken and Sabrina, the friendly couple and proud owners, started ‘Feel Good Gallery’ after pondering about a new career path for both. Ken previously worked at an electrical appliance store and as a DJ, Sabrina at a perfumery. They wanted to do something that they both love namely, music, perfumes, art and wines … The combination of the five senses! And, it works like a charm …

The store has a collection of rare perfumes!

Both for personal use and interiors. Scented aromatherapy candles and fragrance diffusers from ‘Parks London’
If you want to buy a luxurious and authentic personal perfume, go for ‘Nobile 1942’ they even have a collection of the ‘Estratto’.


I can recommend the ‘Vaniglia Estratto’
A oriental vanilla fragrance, with top notes of Bergamot and apple, middle notes are cacao pod, cinnamon and ceder, with a beautiful base of musk and vanilla. Two drops of ‘Estratto’ will keep you perfumed from morning until night . This is truly a heaven scent for perfume lovers like me! They also sell other brands like; Acca Kappa’ Teo Cabanel’ to name a few all a league on their own.

At the back of the store you can enjoy the art gallery

Currently they run an exhibition from Antwerp based paintress ‘F.Man’ 1995 winner of the ‘Christian Dotremont’ contest. She experiments with gold, silver and metalic paints and captures our relationship with other worlds in images that change depending on the light and their location. F.Man captures this diversity on canvas in two dimensional works of art that change due to external factors. Dont miss this astonishing exhibition ‘Heaven gate’ I was flabbergasted :)

Feel Good Gallery’ brings shopping to a new experience!

Listen, look, smell, and taste a glass of excellent wine while Ken plays his DJ set.


me …

Feel Good Gallery Knokke
Kustlaan 44 Knokke
0032/471 85 87 00

A therapist for your hair!

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Forget bad hair days, unruly hair and morning styling stress!


Here’s ‘keratherapy’ a Unique formaldehyde free hair smoothing treatment that gives your hair what it needs!.

Miami based technology!

And these guys know something about stressed hair caused by sun, wind and sea … with only three steps, the formulation delivers nutrients, elasticity and overall manageability for up to three months.

Tried and tested, I became a huge fan!

Among many others. Fizz-free, shiny and healthy hair. Reducing drying time in half, no risks for coloured or highlighted hair. It even helps lock in the color. Once you experienced this amazing therapy, nothing is holding you down!

Keratherapy is not a straightening treatment like the ‘Brazilian blow-out’

It will not eliminate curls or waves, but it will tame your unruly hair for 70%. But the formulation can be customised for the clients’ desire. So if you are interested in getting this amazing treatment, contact your hairstylist or for locals!

Contact Lai from Hair and wellness!
She will provide you with the information you need and give you professional advice!

Let’s do Miami style! Whoppaaaaah!! 😉

Me …

The IT items for 2014

These are you definite must-haves for 2014!


The tote or top handle bag


The beanie

Large rib-knit structures are going to keep your head and ears warm this winter.
A beautiful example how street-fashion conquers the runway.


Oversized knit scarf

Multi colored and varying knit structures.



Belts are becoming a focal point, large with oversized crystals, beads and metal details.


The choker

A necklace worn close to the neck, hence the name choker. Beautifully beaded.


High heeled ankle boots

Last winter we all wanted flat ankle boots.
This season we forget the flats and go for heels, in any shape and form.
Stiletto, blocked, wedge. From elegant to sturdy.



Another must have. Both in knits and wovens. Printed or plain.


The Cardigan

A timeless classic and the key to chic.
We should at least have a few in a range of colors.
This versatile piece of clothing you can’t live without.
Wearable on jeans, dresses, from work-wear to nighttime.


Russian Military

Military outerwear, coats, jackets and trench coats all get a Russian military focus.
Mostly in ‘maxi’ not to be confused with ‘oversized’.
The military looks are long, sleek and full-length.
Even though, for the rest you will still see a lot of oversized outerwear.


Me …

I have a dream… How about you?


As a firm believer in ‘the law of attraction’ I use dream or vision boards as a helpful friend to organise my wants, dreams and goals…

These days, and thanks to Pinterest, I can make it easy on myself and put beautiful pictures of food, interiors, fashion, words or poems down in categories.

Every category, every picture is a piece of me, how I view the world, what I love, what I want, what touches me or dreams of mine that I want to be fulfilled.

It made me ‘Pinterest addicted’ and a ‘daydream professional’ 😉

Ever so often I will share my vision boards on this blog, at times accompanied by words, but mostly in pictures. I’m mostly using Pinterest pictures, so thanks and credit all go to the authors.

Today I want to share with you my ‘vision board‘ of my dream interior and hope to inspire you to envision your dreams, either by building a classic vision board or by creating a big one on pinterest.

Relax, still your mind, breathe deeply, take a glass of wine and start dreaming …
The only impossible thing in life is your mindset, and all should follow his/her bliss.

Here we go!


My dream Interior


A beautiful cosy interior, in a house with high ceilings, large windows, to let the light in …white painted wooden floors and an amazing kitchen.

interior2Cooking on a ‘Aga stove’ inviting friends for dinner. Sitting in the beautiful wisteria flowery garden.

Winding down in my sultry bathroom next to the amazing dressing space, with enough space to hang my collection of clothes and accessories, and to give my beloved shoes the place they deserve.

An airy and light bedroom with beautiful bed linen and many of cushions. Throughout white is the main color with accents of color.

And now go envision yours …