Wear your Funky!

Hail Mary its finally spring… Time to get outside, kick the curb, get a tan, have long summer evenings with your nearest and dearest! Getting rid of the dark and cold winter and warm fluffy boots. Saying yes to frilly fresh colored summer clothes, sandals and hot steamy BBQ’s ☺ Yihaaaaa! It’s time to come

Fashion ⋅ April 12, 2017

Mexican soul food

  If you want to eat Mexican soul food I know a great place to go to! Last weekend

Food ⋅ November 22, 2016

Filorga Eyes-Absolute

Laboratories Filorga, famous for their Medi-Cosmetics came out with the newest and finest in eye care ‘Eyes-Absolute’ I

Beautylicious ⋅ August 11, 2016

Noël et Moi

For years, my friends and I complained about not having a day-time “hang out” a place where we

Food ⋅ April 5, 2016

Let summer begin!

Sisley Super Soin Solaire Teintés SPF 30 We have a thousand ways to enjoy the sun, but to keep a beautiful and healthy, good-looking skin you need the best protection you can get. Without losing your glorious radiance… That’s why French top cosmetic brand ‘Sisley’ came out with Super Soin Solaire Teintés SPF 30, so every

Beautylicious ⋅ March 24, 2016

It’s a man’s world!

Do men need a different skincare regime then woman? Is a question I often get so I decided

Beautylicious ⋅ January 28, 2016

Estee Lauder new eye wonder!

New Dimension Firming + Fill eye System Following the success of the New dimension Sculpting and contouring skincare, Estee Lauder came out with the New Dimension Firm + Fill eye system. The products comes with two application processes The top cream is a light gel texture, formulated with Estee Lauder’s Pro-Collagen Complex. It tightens, tones

Beautylicious ⋅ January 21, 2016

Fratelli Rossetti Aloha collection

Aloha Fratelli Rossetti Fratelli Rossetti the famous Italian shoe brand founded in 1953 by Renzo Rossetti embarked on

Fashion ⋅ January 19, 2016

Beauty Bible

What better way to learn the in’s and the out’s of the beauty world than from the pro’s itself? From perfumery to skincare, from body care to make up. Ici Paris Xl came out with a beauty bible covering all you need to know to become a ‘Beautyista’ yourself. They invite you on a journey

Beautylicious ⋅ January 18, 2016

Rodial skincare beauty without a surgeon …

  Finally after years… Cult skincare brand ‘Rodial’ has made it to Belgium, founded in 1999 by skincare

Beautylicious ⋅ November 24, 2015

2016 will be the year for male beauties

After several inquiries from mars to start a ‘Men’s beauty’ section … Here I am! Ready to give the Martian beauties, advise on beauty products, tips and trick that will make them even more adorable 😉 If you’re already moisturizing your face, adding a different hydrating product under your eyes might feel a bit exceeding

Beautylicious ⋅ November 9, 2015

Soir d’orient a heaven scent!

You just have to love Sisley! Already for years I have been a huge fan of this amazing

Beautylicious ⋅ August 31, 2015

Pop your hair …

In 2008 Italian company ‘Hairplane started a new hair concept and hair brand called ‘Mood’. After sufficient research they became the “Color Revolution’! And that said this guys came up with the magic triangle! The highest quality hair colors, with pigments coming from Italy, the best education and eco friendly! Also budget friendly, for your

Beautylicious ⋅ July 17, 2015

Urban Decay goes Belgium!

Finally, after ‘Loreal Group’ aquired the amazing and trendy make up brand ‘Urban Decay’ in 2013. We Belgian’s

Beautylicious ⋅ June 13, 2015

Why we love Clinique (and you should too!)

Clinique the famous skincare and make-up brand came out with some new and trendy ‘must have products’ … Tried and tested! I can’t wait to share their new offspring’s. Like the ‘Pop lipsticks’ 16 trendy long-lasting colours with a nourishing primer to give you an adorable and kissable pout. The formula consists Murmuru and Shea

Beautylicious ⋅ May 3, 2015

Fibre Force nails …

Beautiful hands and nails who don’t want to have a pair of those? Sadly enough, I’m not granted

Beautylicious ⋅ April 19, 2015

A thing of beauty is a joy forever …

Voor het eerst sinds het ontstaan van mijn blog schrijf ik een stukje in de Nederlandse taal, ook voor het eerst heb ik een ‘gast blogger’. Vandaar dus …. Ik ben jullie mijn lieve lezers een klein voorwoord schuldig, en een introductie aan mijn ‘gast blogger’  Zoals jullie allemaal weten, bestaat mijn blog vooral uit

Guest Bloggers ⋅ March 27, 2015

Chanel Hydra Micro Serum …

‘Camellia’ Mrs.’Gabrielle Chanel’ favorite flower  … Blooming at the dreariest time of the year. Illuminating your garden when all the rest of the flowers are still a sleep …. Whenever you take a look at Mrs. Chanel her life. No wonder she instantly fell in love with the gorgeous flower, after she received it from the

Beautylicious ⋅ February 2, 2015

if you have stress you need to unwind …

Whenever I search for solitude or want to relax with friends and have a good old female chat. I go to Lola’s ‘aka’ Karin’s private sauna hideaway in Schoten … It’s a small private sauna in a country setting, far away from noise and traffic … There I am able to refill my batteries, unwind, have

Beautylicious ⋅ December 18, 2014

The scents of a perfume aficionado …

I can’t help falling in love with scents … First off all it’s part of my job and

Beautylicious ⋅ November 27, 2014